About Alex Is Madd

Alex Is Madd (previously known as Adam Madd) is an internationally renown artist, sought after for their versatility and unparalleled talent behind the decks. Their diverse blended mix of the finest sounds, funkiest grooves, and deepest soulful beats layered seamlessly together has earned them the respect of a vast number of their peers. They have an uncanny ability to engage almost any crowd, whether it be getting people tapping their feet to a chilled rhythm in a cocktail lounge, to packing a dancefloor to banging tracks in a nightclub. As a DJ who learned initially DJing on turntables, their heart is and will always remain about the music and the feeling it generates, and this shows through in their DJ sets.

A talented and experienced producer, they have had many popular club tracks and remixes, nationally and internationally. Their first large-scale popular original production, "Feel My Body" was released independently in 2000, gained vast airplay nationally in the clubs and on radio, charting as high as no#2 on the national online house charts, no#27 on the ARIA Club Charts, and no#14 on Jimmy Z's Dance Charts. Their 2012 release “Summer Sunset” on German label Especially Sounds became a very strong summer house tune internationally, gaining popularity worldwide and was been featured on a number of dance compilations. Their next popular release, “This is Me” on Hi-Tech Records, allowed them to re-appear in the ARIA Club Charts once again! They have also produced numerous remixes and original productions, all of which have been very popular in the club scene on a local and national level, with their 2019 remix of Sydney LGBTI artist Beth Yen's track "Oceans" reaching no#1 on the ARIA Club Charts and holding the #1 spot for 7 weeks!

As an experienced DJ with over 20 years behind the decks both nationally and internationally, they take their listeners on a journey with their music, expressively bringing out positive and energetic emotions and feelings through their mixing skills, track selection, and musical flow. They firmly believe that DJing is about making a listener feel certain positive emotions and relive memories through careful track selection and meticulous mixing skills. Their perfectionist attitude towards DJing shows in how smooth every mix is, and their uncanny ability to read just about any crowd quickly and accurately allows them to adjust their sets on the fly, ensuring the people at the venue are enjoying themselves.

Their very first festival gig was a local Newcastle boutique festival called Vitalbeats, at which they demonstrated their unparalleled ability to work the dancefloor. Upon entering the arena they were scheduled to play in, they were greeted to an extremely small number of patrons (less than 10), with only two of them dancing. Within 20 mins of starting their set, the arena was full, holding several hundreds of people. However, their largest gig was at a club called Hotel Metro, where on one particular friday night, they played to in-excess of 1600 people. However, as years progressed, they have chosen to transition from big nightclubs to smaller boutique bars, giving them the opportunity to express their artform in a chilled, relaxed vibe.

Alex Is Madd now resides in Melbourne, Australia, with a monthly radio show on Soulfinity FM, as well as regular gigs in various bars around Melbourne, and can be found on Facebook at