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Live stream

Click the link below to launch the Party Game stream

Every Tuesday night at 8pm AEST (GMT+10 / Melbourne AU time) the weekly party game stream is hosted.

To join, you will need a twitch account.  You can log in or sign up for one (for free) at

How to play:
1. Firstly, go to
2. Once you've signed in to Twitch, click the "Open Twitch stream" link below. Thats where you'll be able to watch the game stream.

3. On your mobile, go to You could also use the Jackbox button below if you're on your computer.
4. Press on the "hamburger" (menu) button and select "Twitch" to sign in to Twitch on your mobile.
5. At the start of each game, a room code will be displayed. Enter it on your mobile to join the game.

If you miss out on one game as a player, you can still join as an audience member and influence the results.
Then, when the game has finished, enter the new room code to join the new game.


Most games last between 15-25 minutes.

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